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More & More Chemical Businesses are taking up Chemfind as their Business Website.
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Your website is a gateway to thousands of buyers worldwide. If your website doesn't show up when these buyers search out for products online or your social presence isn't strong enough to get you connected to these buyers, you are everyday loosing 99% of opportunities.

Think beyond the idea of Conventional Old Websites. Try Chemfind - a smart website for your chemical business and effectively tap the infinite strength of internet for your business success. Here's how?

How Chemfind Helps You Build New Customers?

Maximize the Visibility among Buyers in 150+ Countries -> High Web Traffic to your smart website ->  Smart Website Generates Sales Lead  ->   Follow up with these Leads + Enhanced Online Brand Image -> Transform your  leads into Customer's -> High Sales

Why Go For Chemfind?
Smart Website
with Features You'll always want to have

    » Powerful Inbuilt Online Promotion.
    » Enhanced Social Media Presence with 2-way social
       media integration.
    » Generates Sales Leads for your Business.
that saves you thousands of $$$.

    » No More Dependence on your SEO Professionals
       to promote your Business Online.
    » No much Internet or Social Media Knowledge
Save Time

Spend as less as 10 Minutes/Day to build new customers.
Costs You Peanuts

    » You get a smart website for a price as Less as
       5% of what you would have otherwise paid
       to avail these features.
    » Moreover, you pay even lesser than what you
       currently pay for your website.
Be present everywhere your buyers are with Chemfind!!!
    ...Maximize your Product Visibility among Thousands of Buyers in 150+ Countries.

1. 500% more chances of Your Products getting listed in the first page of Google & other Major Search Engines.
76% of your buyers use Google to search for products & Suppliers. Hence, a better visibility in Google ensures more visitors to your website.
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2. Harness the Infinite Strength of Social Networking into your Business with 2-way Social Media Integration.
2-way social Media integration ensures high product visibility not only among your contacts but also the contacts of your visitors.
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Become a Global Brand with Chemfind.

1. Shape Up your Brand Image as well as tap customers who are at an early phase of their research with Chemfind Blogger.
Most of your online customers make buying decisions based on your brand image. Hence, a refined & well established brand image definitely adds a lot of chances that your buyer chooses you over other equivalent suppliers. Chemfind provides you with a platform where you can develop a Widespread Refined Image. Chemfind also allows you to tap audience who are at a researching phase of buying.
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2. Reach your Audience Globally with Social Media.
2-way social Media integration ensures that you develop a refined brand image globally in no time.
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Chemfind - Smart Website that Converts your Visitors into Potential Sales Leads.

1. Generate Sales Leads from your Smart Website & easily communicate with them.
Chemfind - Smart website is capable of identifying your key buyers from a pool of thousands of visitors and further maintains a database containing their detailed information. Hence, it facilitates an easy communication with them.
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2. Improve the Visibility of your Key Chemicals with the Spotlight feature.
Chemfind - Spotlight feature ensures your key products get more attention from the rest of your products thereby increasing their chances to sell. Spotlight feature also allows you to upload promotional offers to attract your customers.
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3. User Experience so good that your website visitors will simply love to visit your website.
Chemfind powered websites are in par with the international standards thereby giving your business a global corporate feel. Smart website also provides your customers with features like effective product search, structure search, premium facilities for returning customers, etc. that ensures your customers stick to your website over that of your competitors.
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Complete Web Traffic Reports for a better Insight &
Decision Making

1. Traffic reports.
Get complete statistics containing total unique visitors, total visits, total pages viewed, hits and bandwidth utilized categorized into years, months, days of weeks, days and hours.
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2. Know who visited your website.
Get a complete list of locations your website has been visited from and total visits from each region.
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3. Navigation Reports.
These reports helps you determine how many of your website visitors are relevant and interested in your products and offerings. These reports also provide statistics of how many customers requests your catalogues and company profiles every month.
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3. Referrers.
Get detailed reports on which search engines and external sites you get the traffic from and what search keywords your customers used in search engines to reach your website.
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